All rings on our website are based on UK/Australian sizing (A-Z). We do not carry stock in all sizes, but you can easily order a ring in your required size by contacting us here. Please note, costs may vary slightly from that shown on the website depending on your finger size.

If you have not recently had your finger sized by a jeweller or you are unsure of your required size, we recommend that you order our ring sizer prior to purchasing. Our ring sizer can be purchased for $5 and this includes free delivery. The cost of the ring sizer is redeemable when you place an order.
The ring sizer works like a belt. You simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape and slip the sizer onto your finger. Adjust it accordingly to achieve a comfortable fit, ensuring that you are able to slip it back over the knuckle. Once you have found the best fit, you can read the indicated size.
There are some considerations to note when determining your size. Firstly, your finger size tends to change throughout the day, and depending on whether your hands are cold or warm. Therefore, we recommend checking your size at various points throughout the day, and when your hands are both warm and cold.  Also, please note that fingers sizes vary on each hand. Finger size tends to be larger on your dominant hand, so be sure to measure the finger you intend to wear your ring on, on the correct hand.  
Finally, if you do purchase a ring and the size is incorrect, we are able to exchange it for your correct size. We can confirm timing and if there are any additional costs for this when you make your exchange request (you can read more about our Returns & Exchanges Policy here).